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Did you know that the Hungarian State supports its housing goals with up to HUF 72,000 a year after every Home Savings Fund contract?

With which service provider can you sign a home savings fund?

Due to the Act on Housing Savings Funds (Act CXIII of 1996), the margin of maneuver of service providers offering the product is highly regulated, so there is only a slight difference between the products of the service providers.

The use and exploitation of the above-mentioned state aids?

When is it absolutely worth considering the use and exploitation of the above-mentioned state aids?

  • if you are building, buying, expanding, refurbishing or modernizing a property
  • if you reduce the maturity or installment of your existing retail loan
  • if you want to get a fixed rate and government subsidized residential real estate loan. Instead of the rigidity of commercial banks, on lighter, more relaxed terms.
  • if your children and grandchildren would support the purchase and renovation of an apartment
  • if you want to save it completely without interest tax, put it aside
  • if you want to save for the entire duration of the contract with a return and a capital guarantee, without stock exchange funds
  • if you do not want to lose $ 72,000 in state aid per contract per year
  • if you want to “concretize” your current state aid for up to 10 years

In Hungary4, you can achieve the above benefits and state subsidies with different apartment savings funds.

There are many differences between the terms of the claim

The offerings of financial institutions seem to be the same, the product is similar, but there are many differences between the terms of the claim and the future payout process.

Want to know how to get subsidies for your housing goals and which financial institution offers are best suited to your plans?

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